Turnkey Financial Management Services was formed in 2004 by Renee M. Regan to serve the small
business/entrepreneur community.  

The company's main focus is the organization of business/personal accounting and bookkeeping records
needed to support better business/personal financial decisions.
  • Inter-company Accounting (Between Divisions),
  • Budget Preparation and Reports (By Company),
  • Cost Center Mgt (Mini Budgets by Division),
  • Project Financial Mgt (Budgets For Projects),
  • Variance Analysis (Actual Expenditures Vs. Budget),
  • Financial Analysis (Miscellaneous Mgt Reports),  

  • Vendor Management (Updating Supplier records),
  • Accounts Payable (Paying Bills),

  • Time & Expense Mgt (Employee Timesheets),
  • Billing (Invoicing),
  • Credit and Collections (Customer Mgt),

  • Revenue Expense Accruing (Accrual Accounting),
  • Financial Reports (Income Stmt & Balance Sheet),
  • Consolidations (Combining All Divisions For Reports),
  • Compliance (Assisting CPA's to Meet Regulations).
Renee M. Regan holds a Masters Degree (MBA) with an emphasis in Financial
Management and Marketing from Pace University in White Plains, New York.

Prior to founding Turnkey Financial Management Services, LLC, Renee held
accounting - related positions at
Nestle USA, ITT Industries, and MasterCard
Her 20+ years of corporate and small business experience spans
several areas and includes the following:
"A Turnkey Solution for Your Accounting/Bookkeeping Needs."